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The Future is Shiny

So, the exciting tech news this week is the announcement of the Apple’s new iPhone

I guess that makes it official: piano black is the new blue LED. Everything cool is now ridiculously shiny: the new HP laptops, Macbook, the PS3, PSP, new DS Lite, Zen Vision, and now the iPhone. Why must a handheld device be so glossy that simply turning on the power covers it in roughly one hundred fingerprints. I think I keep my hands pretty clean, but handling these devices make me feel like a fry cook or erotic masseuse or 1971 musical. The next leap forward in technology had better be comfortable gloves.

collapse Michael Says:

Black Macbook is flat not gloss.

collapse t-kun Says:

I stand corrected. I thought that for a $150 markup, they’d at least try to make it *look* more expensive.

collapse Erika Says:

I have a decal on my DS and my cell phone has a black leather holder even though it’s not really glossy. I bet they’ll make some sort of slick holder/protector for it.

collapse t-kun Says:

You have the black DS? I got the white one because I didn’t want to deal with fingerprints on black.

collapse Erika Says:

No, I have a white DS. White just seems to beg to get dirty in my mind.

collapse t-kun Says:

Must remember to wear white to your party ^_~

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collapse meg Says:

shiny phone….drool :P

and the first time i touched my ds, i was amazed at how much oil was on my fingers. even after i wash my hands, more fingerprints appear. oh well, part of the fun of owning stuff is cleaning it, right?

collapse t-kun Says:

Funny, Miss Oily Hands, I remember you being pretty grossed out when I talked about my new earbuds.

collapse Meg Says:

oh come now. you were talking about how much wax was built up in your ears and how you never clean them out. im saying that when my hands are at their driest- as in i need lotion to stop them from making rasping noises- i still leave fingerprints on my ds. ear wax= gross. dry hands leaving fingerprints= dumb.


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